Online Dublin Fringe Fest

Welcome to the Online Fringe Festival.

The Online Fringe Festival provides an online platform to expose and promote fringe artists who were not selected for the Dublin’s Arts Festival ( which is a curated Arts Festival that has an art director who selects who will be allowed to perform in Dublin’s Arts Festival. Only 90 Fringe Permances were chosen for the 2021 Dublin Arts Festival held in September 2021.

However, it is estimated that there are over 10,000 fringe performers and fringe performance groups just in Ireland and Northern Ireland plus over10,000 fringe artists and performance groups that would want to have their performances shown publicly to the world in the Online Dublin Fringe Festival.

The Online Dublin Fringe Festival is available for the over 3,000 fringe performers and fringe performance groups that normally perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival each year, which was cancelled because of the Covid-19 Lockdowns and Social Distancing New Normal World.

Please feel free to contact the Online Dublin Fringe Festival for all enquires at:

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